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Solar,Folding Solar Panel Kits
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Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits
Projecta’s Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kits feature a frameless design that folds up into a compact 36cm x 50cm bag.

Weighing only 5–7kg, the panels are housed in durable canvas making them travel-safe and easy to pack into yourboot or trailer.

A hard fibre glass backing allows the panels to be angled towards the sun for optimum performance. Includes support legs, in-built 8.5 Amp solar controller and 5m lead with battery clips.

Product details   Battery Charge Times
PART NO. SPM80K  SPM120K    SPM180K      PART NO. SPM80K  SPM120K  SPM180K 
Monocrystalline  Monocrystalline
Monocrystalline    Automotive 250–900CCA  250–1200CCA
Rated Power 80W  120W
180W    Marine 300–1000MCA  350–1500MCA
Open Circuit 21V  21V
21V    Deep Cycle 30–140Ah  40–200Ah
Short Circuit Current 5.00A  7.52A
11.0A    Charging Time 7–35 hours  7–35 hours
7–35 hours
Peak Power
17.5V (4.56A)  17.5V (6.86A)
18.0V (10.3A)          
Test Conditions 1000W/m2, 25°C  1000W/m2, 25°C
1000W/m2, 25°C          
Weight 5kg  7kg

Ideal for powering a compressor fridge

Suitable for powering multiple appliances e.g. compressor fridge, camping lights, radios & TVs
Ideal for powering large appliances such as fridge/freezer, camping lights, radios & TV's
  SPM80 & SPM120K Instruction Manual > Click here
  SPM180K Instruction Manual > Click here
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